EHF European Handball Championships

Handball is the most popular indoor sport in most European countries and as one of the fastest sports worldwide continues to rapidly increase in popularity.

This highly physical and demanding team sport is fast and exciting to watch and more popular than ever before. The European game is growing exponentially throughout all regions. Every two years towards the end of January, Europe’s best men’s handball teams meet to contest the EHF European Championships with the women’s teams meeting in the December of the same year.

The big handball countries Denmark, France, Norway, Spain, Sweden and Russia along with Eastern European nations (such as Croatia, Hungary, Serbia, and Romania) and many other smaller countries are strong contenders, making the competition inclusive and adding to its democratic appeal.

The event fascinates television audiences around the globe. For the Men’s EHF EURO and Women’s EHF EURO Playbook International markets the media rights in a long-term cooperation.